Apr 26

Making a Statement is not always about the things we say!

Jewellery can make a statement in the way we are feeling. If we are feeling confident we may choose bigger pieces. If we’re feeling a little bit more conservative we may choose to wear softer, finer, more delicate pieces or even choose to wear none at all. Its all about how we are feeling on the day and what mood we are in.


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Apr 19

Girls Night In

I love shopping. There is something therapeutic about being able to order something from the comfort of your own home and having it delivered through the post. But what if you could combine shopping for your favourite Jewels & Glamour handbags and accessories with a girls night in. (more…)

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Mar 16

Why do women love handbags so much and which style do you look for?

It’s the must have accessory for women. The one thing that no matter how rubbish we are feeling it will always fit. Unlike our clothes which are very figure-dependent, the same for shoes, the handbag will make us feel fabulous regardless of our weight or size. We get more pleasure (more…)

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